What Will the Future of Entertainment Look Like?

The COVID-19 pandemic has no doubt accelerated the speed at which most people are adopting next generation technologies and applications. 카지노사이트 Broadband has also proven to be the enabler of these technologies, as networks continue to run at full capacity and power the amazing virtual interactions that Americans are engaging in as they spend more hours at … Read more

Skincare Challenge: A Complete K-Beauty Routine Using Just Three Products

Skincare trends may come and go but it’s looking like K-beauty is forever. Steadily changing skincare regimens all over the world (beauty goods 카지노사이트 are now one of South Korea’s largest exports), the K-beauty takeover is one that wouldn’t be complete without the nitty gritty that sets the routine apart from all others: the fascinating, … Read more

Connection, Creativity and Drama: Teen Life on Social Media in 2022

Society has long fretted about technology’s impact on youth. But unlike radio and television, the hyperconnected nature of social media has led to new anxieties, including worries that these platforms may be negatively impacting teenagers’ mental health. 카지노사이트 Just this year, the White House announced plans to combat potential harms teens may face when using social media. Despite these concerns, teens … Read more

A perfect fit: Unique fashion show features newspapers to wear, accessorize at Pioneer Valley High

Old copies of the Santa Maria Times and other newspapers received a new lease on life Thursday as a group of Pioneer Valley High School students transformed them into 카지노사이트 one-of-a-kind garments and accessories. Family and consumer sciences teacher Melissa Diaz said the idea of using newsprint as a clothing material came from her desire … Read more